Affordable Black Bear Hunts

Affordable Saskatchewan Bear Hunts

From those endless, clear streams, lakes and rivers, through the high rock ridges overlooking low swamp lands, with sand rock hard patches, and thick old timber burned over areas, to modest open timber covered in lichen, welcome to the province of Northern Saskatchewan. Here you will find to some of the grandest and most affordable black bear hunts anywhere to be found.

The vast area where we hunt is home to many different animals including abundant numbers of Saskatchewan Black Bear. Why don’t you come and join us at our remote camp for a our truly affordable Saskatchewan bear hunt?  We can promise you it will be the adventure of your lifetime.

In 40 years spent guiding black bear hunters me and my guides have taken over 2000 hunting clients and we have harvested something in excess of 1500 bears. This remote boreal wilderness is chock full of solitude and tranquility and it offers a very affordable opportunity to hunt bear in remote territory seldom touched by man. This gives us the chance to harvest those once in a life time trophy black bears.

We supply a large area with active black bear baits.  You’ll find our baiting stations scattered over a rather large area of remote northern Saskatchewan. In that way, we don’t attract the same bears to nearby bait stations. Each of our clients can hunt at least three different active baits stations during the course of a typical 5 day hunt.

Our only focus is on you, our client, your safety and success. We work had for you so you can have an affordable, yet very successful black bear hunt while you are with us. We help you build fond and lasting memories of Northern Saskatchewan bear hunts that will last you a lifetime.

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