Discount Hunting For Fun

So how do you discover discount hunting opportunities ?

Some outfitters are currently offering pre-season discounts in order to ensure that they book sufficient numbers of hunters to more than cover their operating costs. In some cases they will offer mid-season discounts well after their target number have been met.

Over quota hunts are sometimes discounted as well.

Sometimes a guide or outfitter will set their cost according to the minimum quota that they expect to obtain from their regulatory agency. Now if the quota is actually higher than that number allocated, it allows the outfitter to offer a substantial discount.

Free space means discount prices

Often times thee outfitter might simply have a free opening they wish to fill or perhaps they have encountered a last minute trip cancellation.

Oftentimes our best recommendations will put you on the path to your hunting success.  We advertise and book hunting trips for select landowners, guides and outfitters who don’t want to do their own advertising.  Perhaps they just need to fill some extra openings each year. Or they may be a new outfitter or property owner and they might need some help advertising their services. We don’t charge extra fees to the hunter for this service. Being hunters ourselves, we wouldn’t send someone to a location or outfitter we wouldn’t visit ourselves. We audit some of the locations by going on as many hunting trips as possible each year at our own expense. Everyone wants hunters to be treated the way you would want to be treated yourself.

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